The Arts and Olive Festival is currently on hold until further notice.
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2014 Multimedia Program
Student Poster Contest Winner
Dane Jones

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Welcome to the Cañada College Arts & Olive Festival!

The annual Arts & Olive Festival is a special event that represents the warm nature of Cañada. It brings our community together around gourmet food, lively music, dancing, and the common goal of helping young people earn their education.

The festival began in 1998 as an effort to create and fund student scholarships. It has since grown to become one of the largest scholarship fundraisers of the year, raising approximately $12,000 to help students pay for college.

For nearly half a century, Cañada College has been an integral part of Redwood City, Woodside and south San Mateo County communities. Whether they are retooling for a new career, preparing to transfer to a four-year university, learning much-needed basic skills, or taking a class for the sheer enjoyment, students have found Cañada to be a warm, caring place. The Arts & Olive Festival symbolizes this.

The Cañada community welcomes you to campus! We hope you enjoy this year's Arts & Olive Festival… thank you for supporting our students.

Larry G. Buckley, Ph.D.