The Arts and Olive Festival is currently on hold until further notice.
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"The Arts and Olive Festival is a must-do event in Redwood City! This celebration features wonderful gifts of the earth, joyous music, good food, and opportunities to make great social connections!"

Georgi LaBerge
Redwood City Library Foundation


The Arts & Olive Festival

The Arts & Olive Festival at Cañada College began in 1998 as part of Cañada’s 30 year anniversary celebration to benefit student scholarships. The festival has since grown to be one of the largest scholarship fundraisers of the year providing much needed financial assistance to students. The celebration brings together more than 80 vendors consisting of some of the olive industry’s top experts to provide the community with olive education, olive and olive oil tasting, olive related products, and an abundance of quality art works and gifts.

Cañada College has had a special relationship with olives since its inception. Many of the historic olive trees were naturalized from early California plantings and a group of trees were transplanted to the site following the Panama Pacific Exposition held in San Francisco in the early 1900’s.

When the college was built in the late sixties, the olive trees were carefully removed during construction and planted in a temporary location under the protective custody of the San Mateo Community College District's Buildings & Grounds experts. The olive trees were replanted in time for the college's official opening in 1968. Forty-four years later, the trees are thriving and are an integral part of the campus. The graceful leathery olive trees bearing gray-green leaves haven't changed much in forty-four years. However, the College has charged into the future with a brand-new look for its classrooms, state of the art facilities and innovative programs that improve access to higher education and provide the local industry with a highly qualified workforce.

About Cañada College

Founded in 1968, Cañada College overlooks Silicon Valley at the southern end of San Mateo County. Cañada offers hundreds of academic, transfer and career classes during the day, evening, and on weekends. With more than 7,000 students, Cañada is recognized statewide as a Top 25 among community colleges in northern California for successful transfer rates and degree completion.